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Know SINES 4.0© project

What we offer:

Future proof white space data centers, inclusive of ultra-low-cost utilities and ancillary services, to support the most demanding data workloads.

  • Sustainability

    Green energy, natural cooling, repurposing infrastructure

  • Adaptability

    Flexible business model / infrastructure, customizable, future-proofed white space

  • Connectivity

    Carrier neutral, partner with network providers for low latency

  • Scalability

    Low urban pressure, expandable land for data center growth

  • Reliability

    Concurrently maintainable, Hyperscale grade data centers

SINES 4.0© project — One of Europe’s largest data centers

Our first project SINES 4.0© campus embodies all of Start Campus values by being a sustainable, 100% green, connected data center campus.


First 15MW ready for service Q1 2023.

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Green Giants vs. Urban DC

By having an industrial site outside the big cities and specific natural resources, we offer a unique advantage:

Sines 4.0© project

Land and surroundings

Industrial and scalable land

- Cost

Renewable energy

Own renewable power plants

- Cost


Repurposing industrial ocean wastewater

Ocean water cooling

Repurposing existing industrial site
and infrastructure

5MW Data Center in metro area

Land and surroundings

Space for 110 families (average 80m²)

+ Cost

Renewable energy

Usage of electricity for as many as 15,000 families

+ Cost


Usage of potable water for as many as 700 to 5,000 families

Why here?

Portugal is the safest country in Europe and a full member of the EU since 1986.

  • Most peaceful country in Europe and 3rd in the world
  • Lowest security threat in the world
  • Highest multilanguage proficiency in Europe
  • 2nd highest rate of Engineering Grads in Europe
  • Best expat destination worldwide
  • Fast delivery due to local and national government support
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First most peaceful country in Europe (IEP, 2020). Third most peaceful country in the world (IEP, 2020). First lowest terrorist score in Europe (IEP, 2020). First lowest security threat in the world (IEP, 2020). Second highest rate of Engineering grads in Europe (Eurostat, 2019). Seventh English proficiency in Europe (EF, 2020). Third best expat destination worldwide (InterNations, 2020). Fourth greenest country in Europe (NimbleFins, 2020).


Our data center ecosystems empower partners to become sustainable green businesses, allowing them to achieve a global and local positive effect in the environment, community and economy.

We are conscious of the fragility of natural ecosystems and the threats on biodiversity. We actively seek to minimize our impact throughout our operations.

  • 100% Green energy

    Highly competitive renewable energy on own land, connected by private grid

  • Ocean water cooling facilities

    Repurpose of existing, legacy cooling infrastructure and ocean water to deliver industry leading PUE and negligible WUE

  • Carbon commitments

    Carbon neutral operations up to 2027
    Carbon free energy from 2027

  • New Job Opportunities

    Up to 8,000 jobs in total, including 700 to 1200 direct jobs

  • Foreign Direct Investment

    A total of €3.5bn in data center investment plus green energy generation development

  • Growth of GDP

    Expected impact of €1.4bn p.a. (0.6% of Portugal’s GDP)

  • Renewable Energy investment

    Up to 500MW in renewable energy up to 2030. Delivery of 25% of the power renewable demand target for Portugal’s digitalization

  • Community engagement mechanisms

    Participatory and representative vehicles for local entities. A co-creation mechanism will involve the community and decentralize the decision-making process.

  • Local benefits program

    Focused on education, environment, clean energy and social and entrepreneurial projects

  • Develop and transfer Know-how

    Bring core technology skills to the regions of operation with involvement of local companies and labor and relaunch the city as global clean energy and technology hub

  • Biodiversity

    Reforestation is priority representing our values to fauna, flora, carbon neutrally and conscious water usage

Community engagement policy

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Join us and be part of the change by helping us build a new digital & sustainable era.

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About Us

We are a multi-cultural company building a global technological and green energy company:

  1. Founded in 2020
  2. to develop
  3. SINES 4.0© 100% green sustainable hyperscale DC
  4. to further develop
  5. Other 100% green sustainable hyperscale DC

Start Campus designs, builds, and operates sustainable data centers and its supporting ecosystems for large cloud providers in Europe, bringing sustainability standards and value to the communities where it operates.

Start Campus brings together an industry robust expertise design and operational world class team, advisors and contractors to design, build and operate one-of-a-kind data center ecosystem.

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